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California Surrogacy Options Information

Become a Parent With Your Select Surrogate

With The Select Surrogate there is no guesswork. As intended parents, we will find a surrogate who is right for you. We look very carefully at the unique set of circumstances surrounding you and your intended surrogate, taking into consideration geographic locations, relationship status, sexual orientation, legal requirements and other important factors.

Once intended parents have selected a compatible surrogate through our agency, our talented staff with more than 25 years of combined experience will set to work arranging the very intricate process of making you a parent.

We will coordinate sperm collection, ovulation cycles of the egg donor, pre-pregnancy preparations for the surrogate, all at the same time and all with outstanding communication with all parties along the way.

While The Select Surrogate will not help intended parents choose a “traditional” surrogate, we will help coordinate the surrogacy process with the same dedicated attention as if we had matched one of our gestational surrogates. A traditional surrogate is a surrogate who uses her own eggs for the pregnancy, thereby creating a genetic link between her and the child. Some intended parents choose this route because they have a friend or family member who qualifies. A gestational surrogate is one where donated eggs are used, either from the intended parent or from someone else. Therefore, a gestational surrogate has no genetic link to the child whatsoever.

All of the surrogates pre-screened through The Select Surrogate program are gestational surrogates. However, we welcome intended parents who have chosen a traditional surrogate into our program at any time.

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The Select Surrogate Matching Process

Surrogacy options information in San DiegoWe choose surrogates who have a history of getting pregnant easily, having full-term, healthy pregnancies free of complication, and who have a stable and healthy home life. But that’s just part of the picture.

Because different intended parents have different needs, there is no one-size-fits-all surrogate candidate. After the initial contact with our office, you will undergo a needs assessment. We ask you a pointed list of questions. It is important you answer them completely and honestly. These questions will range broadly from the number of children you want to how soon you want them. Our Intended Parents Coordinator will take your information and create your personal IP Profile, which we will use to find a surrogate who most closely matches it.

It is important to The Select Surrogate that we make sure to find surrogate candidates available that are willing to meet a wide assortment of legal and personal preferences, such as:

Will your surrogate be willing to reduce the number of pregnancies if there is a health concern?

Perhaps you are single, or in a same-sex relationship. As an intended parent, you will want to work with a surrogate who is as comfortable working with you, as you are working with them.

At The Select Surrogate, we are careful to choose women who understand and respect the needs and wishes of all our intended parents. Some of our surrogates are very traditional and conservative. For conservative intended parents, this works well. However, some of our intended parents are single, or in alternative relationships and it’s important to work with a surrogate who is comfortable or even “at-home” in those environments.

The Select Surrogate is unique in that you will never be exposed to a surrogate who has not already been pre-screened. If you decide you want to meet a particular surrogate, you will have the comfort of knowing they have completed a rigorous and thorough screening process, and are ready to help you get started on your journey to parenthood. And you will never meet anyone you don’t want to meet.

Great attention is paid to making sure only meetings between compatible surrogates and intended parents are arranged. Everyone’s time is valuable, so if we know a pairing will not work, or will be wrought with difficulties, we won’t even set up a meeting.


Considerations about Surrogacy Law

Every surrogate and intended parent partnership is defined by a contractual arrangement prepared by a surrogacy attorney. Parents using California-based surrogacy agencies enjoy a level of legal protection unsurpassed by any other state. Courts in California have taken the lead by favorably extending existing family law statutes to protect all parties to surrogacy and egg donation pregnancies. After joining our program, we advise you to meet with a surrogacy attorney who specializes in surrogacy law explaining everything you need to know about California law as it pertains to surrogacy.

California courts have consistently upheld the intended parents' rights when they use a surrogate or egg donor to help create their families, whether intended parents use their own genetic material, donated eggs or artificially inseminate a surrogate. Case law and the California legislature have clearly defined the roles of each party, protecting the rights of the parents and specifically outlining the role of the surrogates. As a result, Intended Parents come to California from all over the world to be safe, protected and to complete their families.

Getting contracts is an easy task to accomplish affordably. We have a variety of surrogacy law specialists we can refer you to, so you will have the peace of mind that comes with everyone's clearly defined roles and responsibilities. As a courtesy to our patients, we created a comprehensive list of surrogacy laws by state in the US. Research surrogacy laws in your state here.

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