How to become a surrogate with Select Surrogate, surrogate requirements

How to Become a Surrogate Mother

How to Become Surrogate or Egg Donor With Select Surrogate in San Diego

How to become a surrogate mother in San DiegoEach of our surrogate candidates have been medically screened prior to joining our program. They have experienced pregnancy before and delivered a child without significant complication. Many have even been a surrogate previously for another couple, bringing valuable experience to the process. In addition to a thoughtful review of their medical records regarding all of their pregnancies, our surrogates are also examined by our own noted reproductive endocrinologist, to ensure overall fertility and health. View our online surrogate database here.

More information on how to find a surrogate.

If you would like to become a surrogate or egg donor with our program, we encourage you to look through our site to see if you meet our demands. As a surrogate or egg donor,you will become part of our family.

Information on how to become an egg donor.

Information on how to become a surrogate

As one of our Select Surrogates, you will enjoy many benefits, including

Our program welcomes your surrogate application. . We will require a complete examination, and want to make sure you possess the selfless and giving nature that is so important to this process.

As you chose to become a surrogate mother, in addition to significant financial compensation, you will enjoy knowing that you have helped deserving parents achieve their dream of having a child. Surrogate Requirements

Before we agree to help you on you path, be prepared to give us insight into every aspect of your life. We need to make sure you are truly ready, and would be a good fit. The following is a basic list of requirements:

At The Select Surrogate, all potential surrogates are thoroughly pre-screened before being invited into our program; and we hope that you are one of the few that will make it through.


You Are in Good General Health

First and foremost, it is important you are in good general health, and that you and your partner are free of any sexually transmitted diseases. Continued cigarette smoking, frequent alcohol consumption and, of course, any kind if illicit drug use, would all disqualify a surrogate from our program.

You Get Pregnancy Easily

It is also important to have a history of getting pregnant easily. Fertility cycles can be expensive, and it�s important that if you are chosen you won't have any obstacles in your reproductive system that might make it difficult for a pregnancy to take hold.

You Have Carried at Least One Baby to Term

Then we explore whether you have had any children of your own. We also prefer your children to be living in the home. Having undergone child birth for one of your own children, it is possible for you to understand what exactly is being asked of you.

You Have a Good History of Healthy Pregnancy

Once we've established you can get pregnant easily, and you have gone through the process yourself, we examine your medical records related to those pregnancies to make sure they were healthy and natural. We also want to make sure there were no extraordinary complications in the delivery process.

You Have a Clean Criminal Background

Select Surrogates also undergo a thorough background check. We do this to make sure there is no history of criminal activity, as well as to verify all the information we�ve been given is valid. If we find any disparity, we would likely disqualify any surrogate candidate.

You Pass the Psychological Evaluation

Once your background has been cleared, we provide you a psychological screening with a trained psychologist who specializes in surrogacy cases.

Your Financial and Living Situation is Stable

An important part of the pre-screening process includes an understanding of your living situation and financial status. It�s important that you are economically stable and that your living situation is secure, for at least the length of the pregnancy. Instability can result in stress during pregnancy, and strenuous physical activity like moving, can also be troublesome. We also want to make sure you are making this sacrifice because you want to help a family to have a baby, and not because you are in dire financial straits.

You Have Supportive Family and Friends

Your support system is also very important. Here there are a number of things to consider if you would like to become a surrogate: Are you married? If so, is your spouse on board with the surrogacy? If not, chances are, we won�t proceed. If you are single, do you have friends or family who are supportive of your decision?

You Live in the State of California

Unfortunately, we cannot accept surrogates outside California at this time.


If you answered yes to all the questions above and you are ready to become a surrogate, please fill out our initial surrogate application form, or contact our office to set up an appointment.

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