Surrogacy Facts, Pros and Cons for Surrogacy

Facts on Surrogacy

Facts on SurrogacyFacts on Surrogacy

Pros and Cons for Surrogacy

We asked our couples, surrogates and egg donors what advantages they enjoy with our agency that they couldn't find at others. Here is what they told us.


Surrogate Psychological Screening Before Matching with Parents

At other agencies, this service is often not performed until the surrogate has been matched with an intended parent. However, often items come up in the psychological screening that intended parents may take issue with. As a result, our psychological profiles are often available to the IPs before a match meeting is ever set. We know how vital it is to have a smooth gestational surrogacy for all parties involved. A psychological screening with a surrogate can help ensure a stress-free experience.


Making Sure There is a Good Support System

Having a strong base of support of loving people who support a woman’s decision to become a surrogate mother makes for less stress and a happier, healthier pregnancy.


Smooth Matching Process

Select Surrogate is unique in that intended parents will never be exposed to a surrogate or egg donor who has not already been pre-screened. If you decide you want to meet a particular surrogate, you will have the comfort of knowing they have completed a rigorous and thorough screening process, and are ready to help you get started on your journey to parenthood. And, you will never meet anyone you don’t want to meet. Great attention is paid to making sure only meetings between compatible surrogates and intended parents are ever arranged. Everyone’s time is valuable, so if we know a pairing will not work, or will be wrought with difficulties, we won’t even set up a meeting. Read more on how to become a parent with surrogacy or view surrogate profiles from current Select Surrogates available.


Excellent Benefits for our Select Surrogates and Egg Donors

Our surrogates and egg donors are part of our family. They are happy surrogates and egg donors enjoying many benefits, including outstanding financial compensation, full medical insurance, and a life insurance policy. They enjoy working with our experienced, caring medical staff that support them throughout the pregnancy and feel the incomparable joy that comes from helping a couple have a baby. Read more on how to become a surrogate.


Favorable California Surrogacy Laws

California courts are the most surrogacy-friendly in the country and in the world. In fact, the courts have consistently upheld the intended parents' rights when they have chosen to use a surrogate or egg donor, regardless of whether they have used their own genetic material, donor ovum, or donated sperm. A legally binding contract between all parties involved will give you the peace of mind when it comes to your family's future.

Research surrogacy laws in your state here.