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In addition to a quality surrogate, some intended parents require the use of donated eggs from a donor. In some cases, the intended mother can not produce a high enough quantity, or a good enough quality of eggs. In this instance, intended parents would turn to an egg donor.

When that intended parent is a single father, or a gay male couple, an egg donor is most certainly required.

Egg donors come in many shapes and sizes, with varying life experiences. Intended parents can often be particular about the physical attributes they want the donor to possess. Afterall, since the donor will be contributing 50% of the genetic make-up of their child, the wish for similar physical characteristics is not unusual.

Ethnicity, hair color, eye color, even religious faith, have all been reasons intended parents have chosen one egg donor over another. Sometimes non-physical characteristics come into play too, such as academic or athletic achievement, family background, musical aptitude, etc.

While in most cases the egg donors do remain anonymous, this kind of information is readily available, often with a clear photo of the donor.

The Select Surrogate’s trained and dedicated staff has significant experience identifying quality egg donors that match up as close as possible to the list of characteristics parents have. When using an egg donor, either from a relative or a donor found by this agency, The Select Surrogate is actively involved in the donor’s cycle, and stays informed of her progress. We also are careful to review the egg donor’s medical history, looking for anything that might point to poor/low egg quality/quantity, or any difficulty ovulating.

The first step is contacting our office either via telephone or via our online contact form. We look forward hearing from you!

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Egg Donors wanted in San Diego, California

Interested in becoming an egg donor? Please go to our dedicated egg donor information.


Egg Donation Information for Intended Parents

Intended parents may need to utilize an egg donor for one simple reason: they can not produce viable eggs for reproduction on their own. Sometimes the reason is obvious, as is the case with a gay male couple for example, and sometimes the reason is more subtle, like a biological issue with the intended mother that isn’t known until after a fertility examination. When an egg donor is necessary, The Select Surrogate is ready to help.


Advantages of Choosing An Egg Donor With The Select Surrogate

We have some of the best San Diego egg donors. When you choose an egg donor with The Select Surrogate, you will be treated with a level of respect and professionalism available only from a staff with more than 25 years combined experience in the fertility field.

You fertility treatment will be performed by the noted reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Samuel Wood, who himself has a long and respected history of outstanding care.


What to Expect During Your Egg Donation Cycle

Once you have chosen an egg donor, fertility treatments are scheduled prior to an ovulation cycle.

Because women only normally produce one egg per ovulation cycle, drugs are administered to stimulate more egg production. These are often given in the form of hormone injections. At the end of the ovulation cycle, a surgical procedure requiring a mild anesthetic is performed to retrieve the eggs that have been produced.

Most often, intended parents will have very little, if any, contact with the egg donor. In many cases, but for a picture and background information, the donation is kept completely anonymous, to protect privacy.


If you wish to choose an egg donor from our database, please contact our office and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward hearing from you!